What Really Motivates You to Excel?

What motivates you to excel in your sales career? Is it your company, your boss, your staff, your sales quota, your financial commitments and obligations? How about your customer? How about the thrill of the entire sales process?

While sitting on a 6:00 a.m. return flight last week I began a conversation with the gentleman in the next seat who is a sales executive for a Fortune 1000 company. Typically at this time of the morning, my coffee (black please), my iPad or my newspaper is top priority.

In asking for a second cup of Java, I noticed this gentleman was reading a sales book by a national author that I admire. As we exchanged with what began as idle chit chat, the pace of the conversation picked up as we discovered that we were both in sales.

Out of the blue he did not pose the typical question of what do you do, for whom, how long or any other questions stemming from my resume. Instead he asked this simple question….

What Really Motivates You To Excel?

This was a question that required little or no hesitation. My simple response was “My customers”. The why behind my response is that early in my career I tried to use my quota, yet that did not work, many of my sales managers used this as a fear tactic. Instead I chose a different route. I chose to focus on the needs of my customer, and oddly enough the sales quota took care of itself as did my financial commitments and obligations. Today as a business owner the same is true. If I focus on my customers and prospects (although met with the typical challenges) the growth takes care of the rest.

You can soar well beyond your company’s and your own expectations simply by finding out what is important to your base of customers and prospects and working relentlessly in providing a solution that will meet their needs and yours as well.

To your success,

– Andy

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