Be Yourself: You Can Do This – You Can Sell

My team just completed training with a new group of sales recruits – I am talking fresh out of college and raring to go.

I was amazed at the level of natural skill that each individual possessed – yet with that, several seemed timid and unsure.

Hey, I felt the same way in the early 80’s and you probably have at some time too!

Perhaps you may be feeling a bit apprehensive. Here is the deal if you feel that you have what it takes to sell for a living then you can sell. Only you really know. Choosing to do so is the first step in the process. I do not say that it will be easy, but I am completely convinced that you can succeed once you choose to do so.

I realize that many who are in sales may have chosen the wrong career for a myriad of reasons and they are better suited for another career. But I am speaking to you whose natural make up, your DNA, is to sell. You can start slow and use your natural ability and authenticity to create value. This will create a solid foundation and serve as a huge confidence builder. Your natural make up may be a quiet soft spoken manner, an analytical thinker, or an extrovert that meets no stranger. Each of these styles has the ability to create trust, and people like them. Why? The answer is simple – you are authentic and genuine! The customer will smell a phony a mile away.

Not quite there? I understand. Consider this….

There is no wasted experience. Your background, previous career (or careers) may have been a flop. I promise that at some point in your career the opportunity will present itself when a customer, or colleague has a need and you can call on you previous experience to meet their need.

With time and a willingness to be a student of the game you will experience success.

– Andy



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