Who is pulling the trigger within your ideal prospect?

You have worked hard in gaining access to one of your ideal prospects. You have researched thoroughly on LinkedIn, Jigsaw, Facebook and several other social media tools to find the most appropriate contact. To take it a step further, you have leveraged your friends and connections to assist you in reaching the appropriate contact. The phone calls have been made, you have saved a ton of time and your friends have added to your credibility with your ideal prospect.

Things could not be better.

After several email exchanges, and face to face meetings your ideal prospect has a need and the timing is perfect.  But as time passes you discover that your appropriate contact has a group of internal constituents that are part of the decision making process. Hmmm…you soon begin to ask yourself, “who really pulls the trigger on this opportunity?” Your contact has the title and budget but others are involved. Some of them you have met and some are a mystery.

What now?

No need for panic; the solution is simple. Each of the stakeholders plays a different role. You just have to match the role with the buying influence. To refresh a bit using The New Strategic Selling concept, there is a User Buyer, Technical Buyer,  Economic Buyer and Coach.  The titles are self explanatory.

So who is pulling the trigger in your ideal prospect?

Each corporate culture is different, so you’ll have to dig in and see who influences the sale and who is the ultimate decision maker. Typically, each role influences but only one makes the final decision. Once you know the buying influences, you are ahead of your competitor who may gain access but eventually fizzle because they won’t have your level of knowledge. Applying your efforts to this will identify who is pulling the trigger within your ideal prospect.

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