5 Keys to the C-Suite

Today I had the good fortune of meeting with a friend that is CEO with one of the premier grocery store chains in the U.S. This individual represents the C level Executive that has the influence and authority to create magic within his organization and industry in a matter of minutes.

After the pleasantries were exchanged and the Thanksgiving stories shared I had one burning question that I wanted to gain clarification around.  That one question was as follows…

“What do you expect from someone trying to earn your business”?

All of a sudden his office was stone cold quiet. His demeanor changed, although remaining pleasant. For a moment I wished that I had not posed the question, but what happened next made it worth while. He said:

At this level you must be able to deliver in five areas.

  1. Create value on the front end: You do that by bringing me ideas.
  2. Connect quickly: You do that by understanding my business.
  3. Get to the point: You do that by respecting my time.
  4. Take ownership: Own the outcome that you promise.
  5. Remain transparent: This continues to build trust.

This time was worth its weight in gold, in that it brought together many principles that we often overlook or are not aware of.

By applying each of these five keys, I feel certain you will benefit in Becoming a First among Equals in your respective organization, market and sales team.

To your success,


  1. Mike Apple says:

    Today, I spent a bit of time on the Directional Achievment site today, found it to contain a number of exciting new ideas and topics. In particular, I enjoyed the discussion regarding the CEO (Grocery Chain) as it relates to setting expectations of the sales call. Since our onsite trainning with Directional Achievement, my team has been rejuvinated and successful at incorporating your strategies into positive contracting and rate negotiation results. Thanks Again, Mike

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