Success Mirroring a Swiss Army Knife

Great! A flight delay (you know the feeling). Looks like I have some unexpected time.

Let me ask you, ‘What does your sales success and a Swiss Army knife have in common’?


There are many virtues that explain the role of you as a professional sales representative. This is true now today more than ever, in the recession and recovery environment that you compete in.

The single virtue that I am referring to is your versatility.

I spent the day working with one of you! Yep, you! I just finished up a terrific day in the field with a sales rep that has created remarkable rapport with her customers, and has forged a strong bond of trust with her prospects.

Like you, the rep that I am working with has found that many of today’s decision makers are required to generate results while working with limited staff and limited resources, and have done so since the “economic fun” began in 2007. They are ready for something new. They are ready for you; they are ready for a business peer that offers versatility.

Below are five points of versatility that will optimize your sales efforts!

1.    Position your offering to match their strategic direction.
2.    Present new ideas that match their vision.
3.    Provide new techniques that reduce their administrative burden.
4.    Offer your skills to solve their problems.
5.    …

As you become versatile; and function as a Swiss Army Knife you will capture more market share and improve the trajectory of your sales revenue.

Gotta go, they are boarding the flight. Contact me for the fifth point – it’s the best!

To your success,

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