Finishing Strong – A Friendly Reminder

You must have a strong ending to assure a strong beginning!

In writing each blog article, my focus is on you and my goal is to create as much relevant value as possible. That said I hope that you will indulge me for the next few sentences.

Today was a special day. While waiting in the crowded Crown Room in Atlanta I headed back for another cup of their finest java. There he was, right there in front of me. My first mentor. After a few words to break the ice I was relieved that he remembered me from our earlier years of working together. This person is the best leader that a sales professional could ask for. Today at 71 he is going strong- not because he needs to, but that he chooses to. This guy is a warrior! (I would love to peek at his financials.)

I returned to my seat and he and three of his associates joined me. Once the pleasantries and digital photos on our iPhones were exchanged he shifted into full mentor form. His first question although casually presented was “How is your year going to finish?” Tagged to that was “What are your goals for 2012?” My face turned red, but not from not being prepared, instead it was due knowing that what he was asking was true.

How about you?

An eventful year is slowly coming to a close and you hear a lot about ‘finishing strong’ and rightfully so. Unfortunately, many people back off and miss the potential awaiting them even up to the last day of the year.

As our discussion continued my mentor kindly reminded me of a statement that still holds true:

“You can not have a strong beginning without a proper ending”.

In short, creating a strong finish will create a strong beginning.

As you close out 2011 and prepare for 2012 please allow me to pass along a world-class reminder:

3 Steps to assure a strong ending which leads to a strong beginning

  1. Make everyday count. Avoid the trap of following the pack and ending the year prematurely.
  2. Contact those tough to reach prospects. Your competition is at the mall. Set up an appointment for early in 2012.
  3. For those that choose not to grant an appointment identify a topic that is a trigger event to pick up with after first of the year.

Today was a special day and I hope it was for you as well. It was great to be reminded that ‘you can not have a strong beginning without a proper ending’. I hope that you take the time and have a strong ending for 2011, which will create for you a strong beginning and a successful start for 2012.

To your success,

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