3 Creative Tips to Optimize your Sales in 2012

It has been said that the people we learn from the most are not the ones who teach us what we did not know before, but the ones who help us apply our skill set and experiences that we have quietly honed, give it expression and speak it clearly and boldly to benefit others. This is our desire at Directional Achievement and purpose in our blog series and service offering.

Over the past several years you have been faced with challenges unique to prior years in your profession. As a sales or organizational leader, you have been required to operate with limited staff and limited resources. As a sale professional, the landscape has changed and you have been forced to adapt to these changes with your customers and prospects while facing sales growth demands.

A friend of mine stated recently that to connect and inspire my customers in today’s market “I had to return to the basics in today’s world, not 15 years ago”.

For many of your customers today it is about short-term survival. They are looking for you to provide more value, lead them with your knowledge, and develop a genuine connection. The majority are not looking beyond Q2.

In terms of new business acquisition, to advance in the buying cycle they are looking to see how you can hit the ground running and that, once in, can provide solutions quickly and efficiently.

Here are 3 Creative Tips to help you optimize your sales in 2012

  1. New ideas – Get to the benefit quickly and distinguish you and your offering up front.
  2. New techniques – Sales principles do not change application but techniques do when trying to connect and convey value.
  3. New knowledge – Knowledge provides direction and establishes a clear cut path and commitment.

Your customers and prospects are special people. Inspire them with your creativity and move beyond your competition that is operating with a Rolodex in an iPad World.

To your success!


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