5 Proven Steps to Renew Your Sales Influence

You are working hard, and have done so from day one. You have exceeded well beyond your expectations when your adventure in sales began. You have developed an experience curve that is respected and valued by both your customers and organization. You are viewed as a ‘game changer’.

But perhaps in recent months you have noticed that the zip isn’t there. Your passion has waned. Overall your ‘game changer’ results and influence are not up to par. You ask, “Is it the economy?  My offering? My organization?”

Truth is, each of these could be contributing factors, but before you halt your analysis – have you considered that a portion of what you are experiencing may be you? Is it possible that you are just on ‘autopilot’ and your experience curve is actually working against you?

For sometime now, your experience and instincts alone have served you well (and they will in the future). But if you have discovered that the reason behind your performance shift is that you are operating on autopilot, then today is different. To regain the performance levels of which you are capable, hitting ‘refresh’ and abandoning autopilot is a must!

Below are 5 proven principles to regain your ‘Game Changer’ level of performance whether you are a sales professional or sales leader. I would encourage you to take action before someone or your circumstances takes action for you:

  1. Hit the streets with a new rep calling on existing customers – early and often.
  2. Get involved with their on-boarding process. Avoid leaving them alone to sink or swim. Once they figure it out, in their mind they will no longer need you.
  3. Become a player coach by creating and nurturing 2-3 prospects through the buying process.
  4. Share your activity and accomplishments with your team as you advance through the buying cycle. This builds trust as you lead from the front and advances their learning curve.
  5. Once you land a new piece of business (and you will, you always have) transition it to a deserving rep.

Do these things and you will be  a renewed ‘game changer’ with an increased level of influence.

To your success,

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