5 Solutions To Avoid A Fire Drill With Your Prospect

Does this sound familiar?

One of my customer’s senior rep. has been working to gain serious traction with a national player. Great chemistry, lunch at a recent trade show, several email exchanges – even common ground in terms of sports and the age of their children.

Bam! A rush order out of the blue appears, in fact a small order with high demands and short turn around time. The group rises to the occasion fulfills the order based on the buyers criteria hoping this equates to capitalizing on a competitors mistake or lack of preparation.

The rep reaches the now customer to thank him and to begin the cultivation process only to hear – great job in helping us with our fire drill. Translation – he is a back up supplier only to be used in rush cases. You have been there as have I. Some may view this as a proving ground while in reality under the existing circumstances it is a dead end.

What really happened? Simple. The incumbent ran out of product and a quick fix was in order.

Lets look at this from a positive and creative perspective on what you can do instead of what was not done.

5 Tested solutions:

  1. Qualify- research on the front end to make sure their business, and objectives are in alignment with your offering and solution.
  2. Identify- research to discover the right decision maker.
  3. Leverage- your existing relationships to refer you to the right person.
  4. Connect- with the decision makers to discover their requirements and expectations in choosing a new supplier.
  5. Cultivate- with a planned follow up strategy that clearly communicates new ideas and how your service can create a solution for them.

Best to you in using these to create a healthy prospecting experience, a healthy pipeline and new business opportunities.

To your success,

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