Ok, thanks for calling!

Sometime you have to stand your ground

Putting in the time, qualifying heavily and connecting with the true buying authority is key in any buying selling exchange. These steps were in place on the front en of the buying cycle.

Time for a face of face meeting.

On a recent road trip with one of my customers national reps we flew out late one afternoon for a morning meeting in Pittsburg. I’ll spare you the details but the meeting went well. We connected well and positioned our offering as a resource through basic questions. At the conclusion of our meeting, we agreed on following up with some key information and a date to determine next steps. Time to grab a coffee and head to the airport. I followed up with a discussion summary, received a thank you for coming, and thought we are gaining the long awaited traction.

Fast forward two weeks.

I followed up on the date and time as agreed, addressed the information that was requested and received then the decision maker responds with the generic/vanilla your offering is a commodity – ‘thank you for calling’. Wow my first thought was what happened since our previous meeting?

It’s now or never to test the real commitment to moving forward. Here goes – my next questions were:

  1. Which portion of our offering do you feel best suits your needs?
  2. If we decide to move forward what type of follow up strategy do you prefer? (note the ‘we’ as in my customer)?

Dead silence. Then a change in demeanor and a sincere response to both and a promise to place an opening order.

Two hours later an order was placed. The office was in a state of celebration.

Lesson learned. The timing was perfect, yet a consultative approach made the difference in moving forward.

Stay the course in the midst of your buying cycle. If you have a sincere prospect with a solid offering you can penetrate a long standing incumbent and accelerate growth for you and your organization. Be ready you may have to stand your ground.

To your success,

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