[How Do You Roll?] Helpful Insights To Make A Positive Difference

This is a great question “How do you roll?” Moreover, how should a professional sales rep (you and I) roll? I have asked this question since I was on the buying end of the equation earlier this week.

Recently in working with one of my customers they reached the decision that to truly differentiate their offering, they needed the assistance of some scientific data to lend credibility to their marketing strategy. In doing so, several laboratories were contacted and subsequent visits paid to each.

After reaching a decision on a local laboratory, price negotiations began involving their chief engineer and their ‘sales rep’. We reached an agreement on price, testing parameters, and start date. Business as usual. To our surprise, we received an email from their ‘sales rep’ requesting payment upfront. We were somewhat hesitant but agreed none the less. All during the process their ‘sales rep’ is all smiles and charm (sound familiar?). We dropped off the test samples, met with the engineer to again cover the test specifics. Oddly enough no sales rep. On the way out we were escorted through a different area of their office. There in the hall was their sales rep. Our rep and I passed this person and spoke. To my surprise he stopped briefly and acted as if he barely knew who we were.

By this time I felt slighted. Curiosity got the best of me so I asked “Is he having a bad day or does he have a twin?” The only response we received from a member of their staff was – “Hey, he is a sales rep. You paid your money and he is off on another project…that is how he rolls.”

Really? In this scenario I was on the buying end of this transaction and experienced what many of our competitors customers and prospects experience.

This does not have to be the case. So let’s ask the question again. How Do You Roll? Below are two simple suggestions that you can apply that will create and maintain a strong relationship for your customers and prospects.

  1. Show a sincere interest in what they are doing and trying to accomplish.
  2. When the time is right, demonstrate how you can make a positive contribution in helping them achieve their objectives and solve their problems.

Next time you are asked “How Do You Roll?”, give any one the above suggestions a shot and show them that they are your priority. Hey, that is How We Roll!

To your success,

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