How To Reduce Your Sales Cycle And Why It Matters!







In working to gain new business and build a sold pipeline, it is normal to have certain prospects with extraordinarily long sales cycles (or buying cycles).

Who says that it has to be this way? Guess what? It doesn’t – you have a choice! When working to create a pipeline, it is normal to also create ‘eyewash’. Yep, those prospects that have shown interest but your instincts speak loudly to you saying that the timing is not right.

Let’s look at a simple yet effective solution for the ‘how to’ portion.

Step 1: The ‘How To’
This boils down to simple no nonsense prospect qualification

As you speak with your prospects, a simple set of basic questions techniques will serve you well. These questions are:

1. What are some of the key challenges that are facing you today?
2. What are your requirements and expectations regarding your ________ program?
3. What criteria do you use in choosing a new supplier?
(If the conversation is tracking in a positive manner then pose question #4)
4. What would you consider as a next step?

My experience has taught me that if your prospect is willing to shoot straight with you, and is willing to answer each of these questions, then more often than not you have a solid prospect with the timing aspect in your favor.

Step 2: The ‘Why’

Simple. You are valuable. Your time matters. If the timing is not right, place these “wanna be’s” into your later file. You later file is a group of prospects with great potential, but unfortunately the timing is not right. Stay the course through your nurturing process. Your competitor will slip, or the landscape will change and your past nurturing efforts will work to your advantage.

In sticking with the above process you will accomplish three things. One – you will reduce your sales cycles because you are working with prospects where they are interested in making a change. Two – your stress levels will be greatly reduced. Three – you will have more fun in the process.

Let it rip. You can create qualified prospects that offer shorter sales cycles.

To your success,

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