[5 Benefits] In Developing Your Chicken List

Lets take a lighter view on an important component in your prospecting adventure. For those who know me well, you know that I believe in having a little fun along the way.

Before we go any further let me define what a “chicken list” is and how developing yours will benefit you.

In your prospecting initiatives, how many ‘qualified’ prospects do you have that are interested in your offering and the timing is right…BUT they are tough, have heard it all, and intimidate you on a certain level? Let’s be open here; we all have these prospects. I know that I do! The fact is you dread calling them during the nurturing or buying cycle, but it is important to maintain contact, and eventually convert these prospects to active customers.

Simply put…Consider developing your ‘chicken list’ from the prospects that fall into this category. The sooner the better.

How does this concept work? Once your list is developed you nurture them through your email, or blogging strategy along with your other prospects. It is business as usual. However, before you call them you wait to do so after you have experienced a victory. Hmmm what does this mean? Simple. The success that you have created with a similar prospect provides the extra enthusiasm to assist you in dealing with their lovely communication style.


  1. You pass along valuable information in a consultative manner.
  2. You operate from a position of strength.
  3. You don’t let their outlook affect your outlook.
  4. You advance in the buying cycle.
  5. You dont quit like your competitors do.

So go ahead and create your Chicken List and leverage your victories with those tough to deal with prospects. You will be glad that you did.

To your success,

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