[Secret #2] That Increases Your Customer’s Life Cycle

In our May newsletter we addressed [4Secrets] That Will Increase Your Client Life Cycle.

I would like to invite you to come along on a fun journey that will take a closer look at these secrets. These are not ‘the’ way but instead ‘a’ way that can help you with your client life cycles.

Secret #2 New Business Won and Implementation Phase

Congratulations on a job well done! You have skills that many only dream of.

As a sales professional you have a lot riding on your shoulders. Deep down we all love it (let’s admit it). Your company is looking to you to bring in new business thus securing your future and that of your organization.

Wow, what a feeling! You just received word that your prospect has made the decision to partner with you and your organization. This is great! For all sales professionals, this is a time of celebration. For many this is a career changer. Either way your path is taking a new, positive direction and you will be operating at a new level.

You have discovered the lead, nurtured the lead and now it is time to deliver (and to continue to deliver) on those promises that you have made.

What you do now in this phase determines not just the Client Life Cycle – but the quality of the Client Life Cycle. In short, a strong implementation is a must. Succeed and you will have a solid relationship for years to come – creating benefit and stability for you, your organization, and your new customer.

Secret #2 New Business Won and Implementation Phase

  • Sales: Dependent upon the industry sales may escalate at a different rate as you work through the implementation phase.
  • Key Point: Start strong! The commitment is made and new relationships begin. Vulnerability is at an all time high. Encourage and stabilize the new relationship prior to transferring to the maturity phase. Establish a time frame to calibrate and adjust to shifting priorities as you move forward. Celebrate and get down to brass tacks.
  • Tips & Tactics: Remove any concerns by spending time with those that are slow to transition. Also careful to work with those that still have strong ties with the incumbent(s). Encourage with the benefits of your offering in enhancing their outcome. Maintain a close eye on your incumbent and like competitors.

Again, congratulations! You are at a new level and everyone is at a better place because of you and your team! Stay tuned until next week when we take a closer look at Secret #3.

To your success,

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