[Secret #3] Keeping Your Eye on the Ball

With the previous phase, the customer has agreed to take the plunge. Their vulnerability is at an all time high, however you worked closely with them through implementation phase and you are off to a terrific start.

Now it’s time for the next phase of the cycle: Growth and Maturity.

During this phase the vulnerability challenge can shift in your direction. At this point, more often than not, the strongest temptation is to become complacent or to cut corners. You have worked too hard to let that happen.

Think about it…you have ‘carte blanche’ to walk in to your new customer and meet with certain people that many of your competitors have only dreamt of meeting. Great…let’s keep it that way!

Rather than letting the above bad habits affect your customer and open the door for the incumbent to reestablish (or a new competitor to gain an audience), this phase can provide a solid platform to expand your opportunity to an even higher level.

Consider the following…

Secret #3: Growth and Maturity Phase

  • Sales: Sales and purchasing frequency have increased and the maturity phase is on the horizon. What you do now will determine your future.
  • Key Point: Maximum relationship stabilization and customer loyalty through adhering to your value proposition while adapting to their new challenges and needs. Offering new, fresh innovative ideas is your top priority! Remember their needs are evolving- so should your offering and solution!
  • Tips & Tactics: An organic growth plan should be well underway which includes cross and up selling initiatives. Adapt to their needs. Begin your renewal plan and work diligently to obtain ‘buy in’ from the influencers regarding your new thoughts and ideas. Leverage your key internal and external relationships. Study your competition to and the incumbent to see how they are adapting to your customer market and needs.

The highest priority now is to keep your eye on the ball. In doing so you can continue to enjoy growth and stability that others can only imagine.

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