[Secret #4] Refresh and Renew

How are you increasing your Customers Life Cycle?

To increase your customers life cycle, Secret #4 is a must…but to be able to do so you must think differently. You must think in terms of continual renewal.

For this to happen, two critical steps are important:

  1. New ideas — not a rewrap of the SOS (same ole stuff) but something that is a ‘parity breaker’.
  2. An organization that is willing to listen and has the foresight and wisdom to implement your new ideas (at least at one level).

I would encourage you to give the following three steps strong consideration.

  • Sales: The future is here! Sales and purchasing frequency are beginning to decline. But there is hope.
  • Key Point: It is time to gain approval and to implement your new solution to match their new challenges.
  • Tips & Tactics: You are now viewed as part of their culture and a reliable resource. With your new offering, check your steps in step #2 and begin the process once again- careful to adapt to your existing relationships and their existing needs.

In their world — the real world, the landscape has changed. Gone are the days of riding a product and a brand into the sunset and expecting to survive.

Today’s buyers and product users are multitasking everyday–simply trying to get them to take your call(s) is a challenging task. They are looking to you to create fresh ideas that reduces their administrative burden and increases their bottom line.

You are in a position of honor and have earned the right. Think, offer your fresh ideas and you can have a customer for years to come.

What has been your experience in accomplishing secret #4? You offer your thoughts in the moments section below. I am sure we all can benefit from what you have to say.

To your success,

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