[3 Simple Coaching Techniques] from a League League Baseball Coach

What does a six year old, his coach, and a Little League game have to do with sales success?


How can their basic coaching principles help you on your next sales appointment? A quick story for you…..

Like many of you, I started playing sports at an early age. For me, this continued through high school and most of college. It had a big influence on me and still plays a role in my life today. You see, each week this Spring my grandson Benjamin has had a Little League game. He plays third base, and I am there at 5:30 sharp to watch him! He and his teammates are well coached and are offered encouragement regardless of the missed ground balls, strike outs, or forgetting their hat on game day.

This past week, I was able to get on the field to take a few photos of Benjamin and his team mates. While doing so, I could hear ‘Coach Chris’ close up as he coached each player on their way to the batters box. His instructions were simple as he stooped down and his eyes met theirs:

“As you step into the batters box ‘Prepare’ by aligning your feet correctly with the plate. ‘Adapt’ to the speed and height of the pitch, then swing if the pitch is good. ‘Follow through’ on your swing to create solid hit. Then run like a rabbit toward first base!

So how can these three simple coaching tips benefit your sales success?

  1. Prepare: take a moment to review your customer’s website for a quick reminder. Then create your Pre-Call Sales Objectives with primary and secondary questions.
  2. Adapt: once you connect with your customer, adapt based on their feedback. If they are hesitant, open slowly by asking basic questions that are about them and what they are trying to achieve.
  3. Follow though: once the call is over, your follow through and follow up is often the difference maker in establishing a solid relationship. It can truly differentiate you and your organization.

While your days of playing Little League may be a fond memory, or perhaps you had a different interest and skill set, you can use these simple tips to serve as a reminder in creating a memorable outcome and building solid relationships.

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Now go and create an unforgettable sales appointment!

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