[Precepts & Principles] Creating Sales Strength & Vitality

Double digit growth is expected – regardless!

How can you create sales strength and vitality?

Whenever you have been faced with requirements similar those above, you know that you are going to have to raise your level of performance in order to meet expectations. That is the “what”, but what about the “how”? Let’s take a look.

Earlier in my career I was faced with this mandate each and every year while selling on a national level for a Fortune 500 Company. Looking back on it, this was the most challenging time in my sales career…and yet the most rewarding.

Why? Simple; in order to survive I had to figure ‘it’ out. I needed more than product knowledge, industry connections and relationships, and passion. I needed a deeper level of understanding in how I could grow, and in doing so meet my responsibilities (aka keep my job).

I needed the ‘it’. What was ‘it’ going to take to meet and exceed my responsibilities?

The ‘it’ was to discover and to develop a solid understanding of precepts and principles.

Let’s take a closer look ….

Precepts are as clear as “Speed Limit 25.” So what is speeding? Any number over twenty-five MPH. That is a Precept.

So how about in your sales world? One example that I am assisting one of customers with today is “Q3 Top Line Sales of 7% over Q2”. Fairly straightforward anything over 7.0% meets and exceeds the CEO’s expectations.

Then there are Principles. These are general guidelines that require thought and development if you are to truly understand them…like the sign that says “Slow Down Slippery When Wet.”

So how slow is slow? It may mean fifteen miles per hour on a winding mountain road, or thirty miles per hour on a flat road with few curves. Both examples require that we must be alert and aware of certain conditions.

Examples in your sales world are endless, but here is one that will ring familiar to you. “The importance Creating a Healthy Pipeline”. I think that we will agree that creating a pipeline is a must for creating a stable and solid territory and organization. But the question becomes “How do you define healthy?”. Is healthy defined by the number of qualified prospects in your pipeline? Moreover, what is a qualified prospect for you? Could healthy define those prospects that align and match with your offering or those that are borderline?

You are smart and can see where this train of thought can benefit you. These principles require your wisdom and discernment.

So the question now becomes how can you apply precepts and principles to create sales strength and vitality for you and your organization?

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To your success,

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