[Pulling Out All of the Stops] One Knob at a Time

Pulling out All of the Stops.” How often have you heard this phrase? And, what does a pipe organ have to do with sales success?

This past week, I was meeting with the senior team of one of our largest customers. The cool part is that 2012 has been a record year for sales. Even cooler is the fact that the CEO acknowledges, issues praise AND is looking for ways to improve.

“Why?” is the unasked question for many. The ‘Why’ is that nothing stays the same; the trend always turns (but that is another story for another time).

During our meeting, a visitor from their Australian parent company stated over and over again (in an effort to assure all in attendance that they/we had their full support) that they would (here we go) “Pull Out All of the Stops” in terms of resources to assure their future success.

Out of the blue, the phrase “Pull Out All of the Stops” sounded different than any other time before. Hmmmm…was it the Australian accent? Or the vitality? No idea. I had, for the first time, a burning desire to find out what this phrase really means.

So naturally I took out my iPad and referred to Google. Here is what I found:

Pulling Out All of the Stops

To deploy all the resources or force at ones disposal.
To make every possible effort.

Or…here is my favorite:
With a pipe organ, the stops or knobs control the loudness and tones. When all are pulled out, the organ can play all tones simultaneously and with maximum volume.

So with that said, I would ask that you consider the following:

Are you willing to “Pull Out All of the Stops”?

  1. Do you ever wonder what is possible?
  2. Are you willing to adjust your intensity to meet the circumstances?

After the meeting, I had the opportunity to have dinner with my Australian friend. My first question was centered around what does “Pulling Out All of the Stops” really mean to him? He carefully explained that he’d reached a point in his sales career where it was time (now or never) to grow in spite of circumstances. His next step was to pull out all of the stops, one knob at a time. In doing so, he saw that it had an immediate impact on others and therefore had an immediate impact on him.

I would challenge you to pull out all the stops so your skills and talents can work simultaneously to benefit those around you. In doing so, the results will take care of themselves.

What has been your experience thus far? I welcome your thoughts and comments below.

To your success,

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