Go with the Flow

I have a great story for you!

This past Monday morning I walked into one of my customer’s business and was met at the door by a Rep. that was jacked with excitement! Long story made short, she had just received a quote from a large prospect that was worth $2 million plus. In their industry that is a monster. In fact, the opportunity to quote went out to only three companies, which is also rare.

Discovering their ‘flow’

How did this happen? What was the secret sauce in getting this far?

Simple. We had to be willing to ‘go with the flow’. But to go with the ‘flow’ we first had to discover their ‘flow’. The ‘flow’ is the natural direction your prospect is taking their business.

This was accomplished by taking the time to research their website, and their social media activity (in this case Twitter, and Linked In). We then had a clear understanding of their objectives, key events, victories, and upcoming projects. We were ready!

‘Go with the flow’

Our next step was to craft an introductory email, outlining their direction and stating that we would welcome an opportunity to learn more about their requirements and expectations. The request was granted.

We then proceeded to craft meaningful questions that showed that we understood their business and could serve as a resource.

The next steps were to ‘go with the flow’ and follow up, offering fresh ideas as the opportunities presented themselves and waiting for the right timing.

Later that day, I talked with the V.P. of Engineering and just before concluding our call I had to ask, how they chose their list of potential suppliers for this particular quote.

His words were simple – you were willing to ‘go with the flow’.

What has been you experience?

New business acquisition is my passion, and as always I am here to help.

To your success,

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