[Creating a Successful Presentation Outcome] Part One – It’s All About Them!

YOU have worked hard, applied your skill set, the timing is in your favor and you have just scheduled a presentation with your top prospect senior team.

Congratulations! A successful presentation will advance you to the next step in the buying cycle.

To add to the thrill, you just received an email – they will all be there, each of the key decision maker and influencers, and each with their chosen topics of discussion.

A lot has gone into advancing to this level in the buying cycle. You are excited, your team is excited, the questions are endless as well as the internal emails. In short, the office dynamics are at maximum capacity.

Now what, as you begin the initial steps of preparation?

Short reminder – it is all about them!

Two simple tools that will achieve this objective:

1. A List of Pre-Call Sales Objectives
– this includes both primary and secondary objectives
– a notes section

2. A Unique PowerPoint
– you know their objectives, begin with these (5-7 slides max!)
– transition to your company highlighting how your model can meet their objectives (3-5 slides max!)
– list your references with contact information (1 slide will do!)
– Q&A
– Next steps discussion

These tools are for starters as you prepare (why invent the wheel?). Contact me  and I will send you proven templates for each of these tools.

To your success,

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