[Creating a Successful Presentation Outcome] Part #2- Your Initial Follow Up Strategy

Wow what a feeling! Earlier today, we completed a super successful presentation with our prospect in Albuquerque and we are getting off the plane in Orlando.

Now is the time when we pull our notes together and create the initial follow up. A thorough follow up process, sets the stage for on going conversations with your prospect.

The ‘why’ behind follow up is simple – you show your prospect that they matter to you! And they do.

First and foremost, let’s pull together 8 key questions that will help you in the process.

8 Key Questions for Discussion:

  1. What critical information did you gather from the discussion ( new contact names, position in the company, current activity, future projects, time lines, next steps…?)
  2. Who are their current suppliers for your prospect?
  3. What was your impression from the discussion?
  4. Did they expand on their requirements and expectations? If so what were the specifics?
  5. What new interests were added to the process? (hard to find parts, special service needs…?)
  6. What were the agreed upon next steps?
  7. When is your next scheduled discussion?
  8. What information did you post in your CRM?

Now that you have these questions established , its time to implement your follow up process.

Stay tuned for part #3.

To your success,

What has been your experience in creating your follow up strategy?

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