[Creating a Successful Presentation Outcome] Part #3 – 5 Proven Steps in Addressing Radio Silence

You have the right prospect, the timing is right, you have earned their trust, which lead to the big appointment with your prospect, you presented successfully, you followed up in a proficient and professional manner and for the past week – radio silence. In other words, you received a response to several that you followed up with, but silence from your primary contact(s).

What happened? Probably nothing, but it is normal to be curious, but more than likely no need for alarm.

What now?

3 Proven Steps in Dealing With Radio Silence

1. Read through your meeting notes for a quick refresher to make sure that you haven’t overlooked a reason that might support their reduced communication.
2. Give it a full week before making contact.

I bet by now they have made contact, if not consider the following.

3. Contact your best contact, letting them speak first. If they are in neutral offer an authentic idea that could make a significant contribution- one that was not addressed in your presentation. If your prospect is genuine they will clear the air and offer an explanation of where thy are in the process.

4. If step 3 is to no avail, contact one of your their players that are involved in the process that you have a solid relationship with, one that you can trust.

5. If one or both of the above suggestions do not yield the results that you were hoping for, then have your boss contact their senior leader for a ‘peer to peer’ discussion. If they are sincere, then the truth around the new time line and next steps will surface.

Has one of your key prospects ever gone into radio silence with everything in perfect alignment?

I am curious to hear your thoughts.

To your success,

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