[Selling Outside the Radius] 6 Characteristics That Will Attract More Sales

What is ‘selling outside the radius’ and how can it help you?

Have you ever met a sales rep that experienced huge success in a manner that was unique, and winsome at the same time? If so, you know that this experience can be refreshing and inspiring to say the least.

I had the opportunity to meet a person earlier this morning with these unique qualities. After our discussion, we had a few minutes to sit down over a cup of coffee. Wow! Her insight and approach fits perfectly with the mind set of ‘selling outside the radius’. My first step was to thank her for taking a few minutes to speak with me, and to mention that I am in the process of studying successful sales reps that ‘sell outside the radius’, or for those that desire to go beyond the ‘status quo’.

With that brief explanation, I posed the question “Based on your success record and approach, how would you define ‘selling outside the radius’?”

Our short conversation left me with six key characteristics, and a short explanation that I think you will be interested in:

  1. Teach, don’t sell – Most qualified buyers are interested in learning, but avoid at all costs being sold to.
  2. Be clear in your offering – Know your stuff and present it in a manner that is easy to apply.
  3. Be authentic in your approach and timely follow up – Think before your write. Blend hand written hank you notes in with our social media strategy. Timely follow up is a broad topic, but you get the gist.
  4. Keep it fresh and inspiring by offering new ideas – Use step 2 to create new ideas throughout the buying cycle.
  5. Avoid assumptions by asking key questions – When possible ask questions versus making statements.
  6. The power of choice – Choice is one of our greatest options available. You must choose to make a difference.

Has choosing the ‘status quo’ ever kept you from making progress?

I am curious to hear your thoughts (share below).

To your success,

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