[5 Characteristics] of a Good Business Fit

Robert Lee Griffin III (aka RG3) won the Heisman Trophy at Baylor, and is now the newly drafted quarterback of the Washington Redskins. With the season before us, several feel this is a bad fit. A bad fit for the team, and bad fit with his coach Mike Shanahan.

I suppose that time will tell.

We see the same in suits, jobs, relationships and business.

So how does this relate to our world – sales?

We know what a bad fit between your company and prospect, or existing customer looks like, and the experience that it creates. To use the well worn cliche’ it is like trying to fit a ’round peg into a square hole’. The only way it fits, is with undue pressure with all involved.

For the sake of the next few sentences, let’s focus on defining the ‘best fit’ for organic growth with your customers, and potential prospects. In working with a customer earlier this morning, the following five characteristics stemmed from our team discussion. Perhaps some, or all of these can be a ‘good fit’ for you.

5 Characteristics of a Good Business Fit

  1. Their culture is a close match to ours. (In this case innovative and proactive)
  2. Both organizations are scalable. (we can grow together)
  3. Their needs fit with our core offering.
  4. We can meet their needs without burdening our resources.
  5. Our existing products and service model fits well for organic growth.

So how about you…

  • What has been your experience in discovering the right fit?
  • How often have you tried to make a bad fit work for the right reasons?
  • How are you defining a ‘good fit’ customer, or prospect?

There are plenty of good fit customers and prospects available. Spending time cultivating and nurturing these can make all the difference in your success.

Keep selling,

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