7 Qualification Steps to Avoid a Sugar High

Sugar High
If your prime prospect has now opened the doors allowing full access, and gone beyond their normal pattern of communication, there may be reason for further qualification around their requirements,expectations, and time line.

You have been there many times I am sure. Your prime prospect returns your call, the conversation flows well beyond your expectations, meetings are set, presentations are being prepared, and everyone is excited.

Time out! Is the timing working in your favor, or is your prime prospect setting you up for a sugar high?

A sugar high is defined by your prospect taking unusual steps that span beyond their previous buying pattern just to glean additional information.

I would suggest having an active discussion with your prime prospect using the seven qualifying steps before going further:

  1. What has changed for the prospect?
  2. Why do they want to change, or explore changing now?
  3. How much time is left on the existing contract, if there is a contract?
  4. How long has the incumbent(s) been in position?
  5. Who is leading the charge, who is the point person?
  6. What staff changes have occurred internally?
  7. Have the priorities changed since the beginning of the buying cycle?

Only you can know the sincerity of your prime prospect. Your time and your company’s resources are valuable. More importantly, your emotional energy around a prime prospect must be guarded to avoid the sugar high of false expectations.

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