How ‘Street Cred’ Can Influence a Buying Decision

Street CredHave you ever given thought to how ‘Street Cred’ can influence a buying decision?

Before going further, let’s define what Street Cred, or street credibility is and how it can work to your advantage.

Street Cred is defined as respect you earn through proven accomplishments, not empty posing, or bragging. It is not easy to achieve, since it is based on proven skill and experience.

How does this relate to you?

Earlier this week our group finished a 90 minute final presentation after a lengthy buying cycle. We were one of the finalist in the evaluation process, and the committee asked that we present last in a list of five final competitors.

At the end of our presentation we answered the final questions and were asked to step outside while the committee met as a group. After a thirty minute waiting period we were called back into the room. The committee announced that we we were the chosen supplier.
As you can imagine the feeling of accomplishment was incredible.

We hung on every word they said as they explained the next steps in the process. At the end of their discussion the committee leader asked if we had any questions. The senior sales rep raised her hand and asked ‘what was the deciding factor’?

Without hesitation the committee leader responded by saying you and the members of your team have won our confidence with your ‘Street Cred’. You understand the nuances of our business and articulated your practical experience and created value in a manner that was unmatched. Your Street Cred influenced our buying decision in the following five ways:

Five Levels of Influence

  1. You listened to our requirements and expectations.
  2. You brought fresh ideas and solutions to our team.
  3. You related well to our people.
  4. Your follow up was incredible.
  5. You live what you sell.


You have to ‘walk the walk’, and not simply ‘talk the talk’ to develop the level of trust and acceptance required to influence a buying decision that is in your favor. In the professional world of sales you can apply the five levels of influence to attract the best customers to your organization. You can have Street Cred.

To your success,

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