Survey Question #3 What Is Your Value Proposition?

Thank you for continuing the journey with me. Last week we discussed Survey Question #2: What is Your Annual Attrition Rate? and 6 steps that you could take to curb it. This week I’d like to introduce Question #3 What is Your Value Proposition?

In meeting with sales leaders and sales professionals I ask them to share with me their value proposition. To my surprise the majority either do not know, do not use a value proposition, or simply do not have one.

The good news is you can make a better choice!

Those that have a defined value proposition and use it as a tool, state with confidence that it delivers a universal message within their organization, provides confidence to the sales team, and differentiates their offering in their focus market.

Creating your value proposition blueprint:

  • Know your story
  • Focus on your target market
  • Focus on results instead of company and products
  • Keep it Twitter friendly with 140 characters

Relax. Your Value Proposition does not have to appeal to everyone – only with those that can use your productive service offering.

As you give thought to this question on how it can serve to transform your sales organization please contact me if can help you.

Next week on the blog I’ll speak to Question #4 What Distinguishes Your Organization from others in Your Industry?

Thanks taking a few minutes from your busy schedule, they are closing the doors on my flight to Atlanta.

See you next week.

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