Heading into the Home Stretch

As we head into the home stretch of 2012, I would like to thank you, my valued customer for a terrific year. Everything that we have accomplished this year is due to you and your support.

With this in mind, there are five thoughts that I would like to pass along for your consideration:

  1. Fuel your momentum with your customers: You have ten more days to reach out to your customers. Take a moment to do so, even if it is a card thanking them for their business. Better yet create a usage report, send to them and ask for an opportunity to view the results with them before the end of the year. Ask them for a special project or a result that they would like to accomplish beginning in Q1 2013. This fuels your momentum going into the new year.
  2. Fuel your momentum with your prospects: Dig deeper to see what they are trying to accomplish in 2013, mention that you may have a few solutions for them to think about and ask for an appointment for early January.
  3. Avoid the temptation to pack it in for the year: Your competitor may be choosing this route- but not you. I learned this lesson from a strong leader while in the work comp arena in 1998. December is a typical slow month for that industry. with a strong focus on each day in December we had our best month of year.
  4. It only takes one: Over the years, I have seen how one customer that has been won, changed entire companies – for the good. Why can’t that one company, that one difference maker be your prospect? Call me and let’s discuss a few ideas that I have seen produce these special results.
  5. A Great Attitude Surpasses a Great Product: Your customer is buying you. People are moved by positive confident people over a great product or service. Make your customers laugh. It easy for a buyer, decision maker, etc. say no to a product or organization, but tough to say no to a positive experience with you, a positive professional sales professional.

Thank you for making 2012 a terrific of growth and service! As you head into the home stretch, take a moment to thank your customers for contributing to your success in 2012, you will feel better for doing so, and they will as well.

To your success,

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