Enthusiasm is Contagious


There is nothing like enthusiasm … real genuine enthusiasm is contagious.

While walking to my car on Monday of this week after a training session, I was asked the question “In a tough economy what are key differentiators that cross all lines in growing business for a sales professional?”

In listening to this question, my first thought was “Here we go, this person is looking for the silver bullet that really doesn’t exist.” However, after giving this some thought, there were three responses that came to mind.

Here they are, beginning with the third and working toward what I feel is #1:

#3 – Identify those problems that your product or service solves. Once these have been identified then master your delivery and presentation techniques. Remember, your customer will buy the solutions that your product and/or service provides.
#2 – With the above accomplished, become the ‘go to person’ in your market. With time, your reputation as a problem solver will proceed you.
#1 – Enthusiasm (in fact contagious enthusiasm). This is much different than hype. I have found that even the sales professional that is understated yet has a high level of enthusiasm is effective. More often than not, at the core of their enthusiasm is belief. From belief they transmit confidence and from confidence, enthusiasm.

After a few short minutes with this person you feel better. Decision makers are influenced by their belief, confidence and enthusiasm. As a result this is part of their success as a professional sales person.

This often begins with their voice mail message. I have a friend that is an industry leader. He has built several businesses in one industry. I recall the first time that I called his cell phone. After a few rings his voice mail message stated – “Hi this is James. At the sound of the tone please leave your name and number and I will call you back immediately.” Nothing new here … but he finished with “Make today great, and tomorrow even better!

I have to admit when I first heard this it seemed a little over the top. Then I had an opportunity to build a business relationship with this person. I learned of his success and track record. Wow!

As time passed, it was clear his enthusiasm was (and is) not only contagious, it is genuine. At the core of his enthusiasm is all of the above qualities that make him a success.

You can have the same influence on your customers and prospects if you choose to!

There is nothing like enthusiasm. Real, genuine enthusiasm is contagious.

How about you? What has been your experience? How are you creating a sharp distinction with your customers and prospects?

To your success,

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