5 Easy Steps to Connect with Your Decision Makers

Man Drinking Coffee with Laptop

I hope your day is going well and you are enjoying your success. I just took a seat in the Albuquerque airport in a quiet area with a Starbucks vanilla latte. It’s time for a small celebration.

Directional Achievement just completed an initial sales call after three months and several email exchanges with our prospect’s decision makers from engineering, finance and purchasing.

Sound familiar?

Working through the clutter, we were able to leverage relationships with two of our leading customers in an industry similar to our prospect’s. As often is the case, this added additional credibility with our prospect’s management team.

It was critical that we make a strong connection with each decision maker and begin our meeting from a position of strength and mutual respect.

There were five easy steps that lead to the success of our initial appointment and will work for you as well.

1. Clarify in the beginning of the discussion by asking ‘how much time do we have?’
2. Ask for permission to take notes.
3. Revisit the key ‘trigger points’ that you made during your email exchange.
4. Use your lead-in questions to dig deeper into their requirements and expectations.
5. Ask for their input on the ‘next steps’ in the buying process.

Fortunately we completed our meetings with a greater understanding of their requirements, expectations, and how offing can help them meet their objectives.

I wanted to pass these 5 Easy Steps along to you. I am confident that you can use these to connect and create a high level of success on your next sales appointment.

My short celebration is coming to a close. They are boarding our flight and my vanilla latte was perfect for the occasion.

I look forward to our next discussion.

To your success,

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