How your Patient Pursuit can lead to Sales Success


Congratulations your foot is in the door, you have made the short list of your marquis prospect, now the buying cycle has begun.

Understanding how to ‘patiently pursue’ and win your marquis prospect will change your life and career forever.

Now that you are deep into the buying cycle, the ongoing request for ‘more’ information and adjusting to the timing, personalities and shifting priorities and circumstances of your marquis prospect can take its toll on you and your team.

Today you may be going through the emotional grind of a lengthy buying cycle and the temptation is to back off? Sound familiar? Don’t more than likely your competitor or the incumbent has done so- now is your time to excel.

Hang on

Sometimes all you need is a glimmer of hope and a reason to stay the course. Hang in there, you are almost there. The five steps below will work for you and can offer you a boost of encouragement while you are in the middle of the grind.

  1. Continue to prepare, prepare, prepare and adjust to their changing needs. Once you create new ideas and solutions you are ahead of the curve.
  2. Pursue with prepared patience. It is here that you build upon your foundation of trust that will take you into the future. You will be viewed as more consultative- because you are.
  3. Avoid taking slow progress personally especially if the timing and need aren’t right, or if there is internal political issues associated with changing.
  4. Find and expand on common ground like sports, food and education and build upon those.
  5. View and treat your prospects the way they prefer to be viewed and treated. If they view themselves as successful and influential then treat them that way. It’s a common courtesy.

A quick story for you

After a fourteen month buying cycle on Wednesday of this week we met ‘one more’ time for a Q&A with the committee of decision makers. This is always fun. One of our competitors is behind closed doors meeting with the committee-I’m giving it all that that have in hopes of success.

Directional Achievement is next in line.

As we entered the room and settled in it first appeared that this would be yet another meeting to discuss well known information. However this morning was somewhat different their CEO was present. Also ‘out of the blue’ we were asked to present our implementation strategy should they decide in our favor.

At the end of our presentation, we all shook hands and offered our thanks. The leader of the committee asked if we could remain in the room for a few minutes. We certainly agreed while the others left offering kind words of appreciation. I had a feeling that a decision had been made, and may have been made prior to our meeting. Sure enough the committee chair stood came over to shake our hands and indicated that we had won the business.

Wow! What a feeling. Our group has been blessed and will advance to yet another level of growth and service simply because we patiently pursued our marquee prospect through the buying cycle.

You can do the same. You and only you own your success.

See you in a few weeks.


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