4 Words to Create Sales Growth for You in 2014

Credit: iStockPhoto

Credit: iStockPhoto

As the New Year approached you have received several newsletters, and blogs encouraging you not to make a resolution but to choose ‘one word’ to focus on in 2014. The ‘one word’ approach is simple yet powerful. Jon Gordon does a tremendous job with this approach.

Now that the New Year is in full swing you will quickly recognize that your ‘one word’ will sharpen your focus beyond your wildest imagination. The results is another story altogether.

If you haven’t yet chosen your ‘one word’ and are looking for perhaps a word or words that will create sales growth for you, then let me suggest the following four words.

Four simple words:

Three years ago our team began to implement each of these to grow our business and suggested these to our customers. The outcome has been phenomenal in terms of enhancing account management growth with existing customers and acquiring new business as well.

These four simple words are: Sustain, Develop, Regain, and Acquire

What do these words mean to you the sales professional?


This group of customers within your territory need to be sustained, and are vital to your organizations survival, yet at the same time this group of customers offers little organic growth opportunity. Nurture and protect your customer but spend your time wisely.


This group of customers within your territory offers organic growth opportunity that will propel your sales to another level. Creating a solid plan around each of these customers and available product or service that can be added can further fortify your position and increase your commissions. Simply put, it’s about taking market share and a plan to get you there.


With the downturn in the economy in 2008 several customers of your downsized immediately this was a natural response to what they were facing. Today, many of those have survived and are looking to grow, they need to grow. It will be to your advantage to revisit those offering new opportunity. The upside is they know, like and trust you.


The health and vitality of any sales organization is created by new business acquisition throughout the year. Once you consider your annual attrition rate this hits home quickly. Time for action.

The first two words sustain and develop focus on existing customers while regain focuses on former customers. Acquire focuses 100% on new business acquisition.

Hitting our sales goal in 2014 is a top priority for all of us.

Creating your sales strategy and tactics around one or all the four words will take your sales to new and exciting levels.

True confessions… my ‘one word’ for 2014 is PERSIST. My four words forever in sales growth will be sustain, develop, regain, and develop.

How can you use these 4 words to create sales growth in 2014?


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