About Directional Achievement

Our Mission:

Our measure of success is to assist you in becoming ‘First Among Equals’ on your team, organization and industry.

Our Story:

In 2006 Directional Achievement was created with a simple goal in mind: to challenge the status quo in sales training and personal development by offering our customers a refreshing yet practical approach with the practical tools, expertise, and insight they need as sales professionals to succeed in today’s market. Since 2006 much has happened in the market place. New challenges abound. Becoming ‘First Among Equals’ is achieved by recognizing, accepting and executing a time tested balance of the following principles:

  • Maintain (existing customers)
  • Grow (organic growth)
  • Acquire (new business)

Simply put we are a consultative sales organization that assists you in differentiating you and your offering beyond the perception of product and market parity in order to compete effectively in becoming ‘First Among Equals’.

Our Approach:

Our logo is a tugboat. You are the captain of your ship…we are here to assist.