Sales Safari: An inspirational adventure (ebook)

Sales Safari



An inspirational adventure

I would like to invite you to join me and my team on a sales safari.

Sales Safari is designed to serve as an inspirational adventure for the sales professional. There are many terrific eBooks available today that discuss sales success supported by excellent sales methodology leading to sales effectiveness.

The inspiration for Sales Safari came from understanding what it is like to face rejection and muster the necessary discipline to reach a sales target that was assigned from someone who more than likely has never sold, or ever will.

In spite of the obstacles and shortfalls mixed with victories, you continue to produce. Together we share a common bond that is forged by our will to succeed in ‘sustaining’ and ‘developing’ our customers while winning new business opportunities that fortifies our future.

Sales Safari will give you both sales strategies and tactics that will inspire you to perform at your maximum potential.

If you are looking for a different venue, Sales Safari can be the inspirational adventure that you have been looking for.