Strategic Sales Training

Becoming First Among Equals

Decision makers today are over stressed, over obligated and preoccupied on a day to day basis. To connect with them requires new thinking around your strategies and selling techniques.

Our goal at Directional Achievement is to remove the status quo from the sales training options that are available today. We do that by offering real world solutions that focus around three simple sales strategies:

  • Maintain (your existing customers)
  • Grow (expanding market share)
  • Acquire (new business)

Today’s decision makers carry many titles depending upon your industry and come from different departments within an organization. Such examples are: procurement, engineering, operations, CEO/Owner plus many others. You know the drill of endless voice mails, emails, and unreturned phone calls. Yet the meter of expectation is ticking!

One area of common ground shared by all is they are looking for solutions to their problems. The challenge you often face is the ‘perceived’ parity regarding you as a sales professional and your product or service offering which often leads to pricing as the logical differentiator. This plus the fact that many key decisions are made at a committee level.

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All offerings:

  • 100% Customized – around your unique challenges market, offering, and level of decision makers.
  • Involved – your sales team will receive an assignment specific to their territory and unique challenges prior to the training.
  • Flexible delivery – ‘Live’ in person format both half and full day sessions, or Webinar live over the web.
  • Enhance – post session teleseminars to reinforce training objectives.

These plus many other tools will revitalize and refresh your sales results as you Become First Among Equals.