Workers Compensation

(Strategic Sales Training)

What does ‘recession recovery’ mean to you? Moreover, how have the past few years affected your business in terms of limited resources and limited staff?

Claims costs are increasing, claims volume is decreasing and the difficulty of gaining office access to see senior decision makers has increased sharply. But it does not have to be that way.

You also face the challenge or  ‘perceived’ parity regarding you as a sales professional and your product or service offering, which often leads to pricing as a logical ‘differentiator’ by decision makers at all levels.

The meter of expectation is ticking!

Bringing this closer to home, you have your own set of challenges with customer retention and increasing market share with existing customers (with limited office access affecting office penetration) as well as the challenges of ‘finding’ new business to build and secure your organization’s future.

Are you ready for something new? Specifically:
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•    A new vision
•    New knowledge and sales techniques that provide value and impact

Are you ready to improve the revenue trajectory of your sales team in 2012 with tools that are applicable to the work comp space?

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