Specific Tactics for Workers Compensation

The training options below are an extension of our tactical offering and are based on proven success at both the national, regional and local sales levels across the U.S.

National Sales

  • How to best position your offering with your employer market
  • Understanding the ‘recession and recovery’ challenges and positioning your offering accordingly
  • Overcoming product and service parity

Regional Sales, Local Sales

  • How to gain office access that are closed to marketing reps
  • Effective office penetration that drives sales and reduces leakage
  • Building customer loyalty with the effective use of your reports
  • How to grow your employer sales with your TPA contacts
  • Understanding how to position your value proposition with a third party administrator, insurance carrier, employer, broker, case management company, ancillary service provider
  • Creating effective stewardships that build customer loyalty that are not a ‘cookie cutter’ approach over the previous quarter
  • How to partner with the work from home adjuster
  • How to partner with the independent case managers
  • How to optimizing your territory configuration
  • How to meet and manage your customer’s expectations as a Program Manager
  • Understanding your value proposition and product knowledge to convert high end CAT cases
  • Using T&T to increase sales and protect your PT and Dx
  • Why understanding your billing and your rate plan matters
  • How to leverage your knowledge to influence decision makers in your specific territory
  • Resonating with the Risk Manager
  • Understanding today’s challenges from the payor and worker perspective and positioning your offering accordingly