Strategies for Success (Specific to Workers Compensation)


Strategic Tools to equip your sales team

It’s about making a Difference

  • Developing your message using your differentiators, and value proposition

Challenging the ‘status quo’- building trust & loyalty

  • Creating the ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’ of your sales approach
  • Remembering that eople do not buy the ‘what’, they buy the ‘why’

Using Social Media to find new customers and enhance your existing relationships

  • Leveraging LinkedIn, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube

Capturing market share

  • Examining your customer base: segment the ‘maintainers’ from the ‘growers’
  • Creating an effective ‘grow’ strategy to capture more white space
  • Creating initiatives for new business acquisition

Optimizing Territory Configuration

  • Setting up your territory for maximum efficiency
  • Establishing your call or visit frequency

Prospecting Sales Strategies

  • Developing your prospect listing
  • Reducing your buying cycle by effectively qualifying your prospects
  • Leveraging customer references and Social Media

Pipeline Strategy- Investing in the future

  • Using your pipeline to build confidence with your sales team
  • Establishing your metrics: total spend, length of sales cycle, key decision makers
  • Assessment and review

Navigating ‘long’ buying cycles

  • Initiating and maintaining a consultative presence
  • Follow up strategies using best approach and frequency