Tactics for Success

Tactical Topics

Preparation – Goal Setting  

Identifying your success metrics (month, quarter, year)

  • What is today’s plan?
  • Establishing short term goals
  • Establishing long term goals
  • Identifying obstacles

Exploration – Follow the opportunity

  • Developing a prospect listing by matching your organizational needs, and strengths.
  • Identifying recent accomplishments, and trigger events.
  • Using Social Media to identify key players
  • Establishing customer testimonials

Execution (part #1) – Creating a great first and lasting impression

  • Connecting with a high impact introductory or e-mail
  • Connecting with an effective follow up emails
  • Connecting with an introductory voice mail
  • Developing a follow up voice mail strategy
  • Developing a strategy to partner with the ‘gatekeeper’

Execution (part #2) – Planning a great first meeting

  • Creating ‘pre-call sales objectives’
  • Creating ‘key questioning techniques’ around expectations and  requirements and their buying process
  • Identifying their decision making process – to understand the influence of ‘proxemics’ seating arrangements
  • Creating a persuasive presentation in person or over the web
  • Leveraging testimonials to incorporate customer evidence of success

Progression -Creating Unmatched Value

  • Developing effective strategies to reduce the ‘buying cycle’
  • Continuing to leverage customer testimonials
  • Creating effective follow up-strengthening your relationship with every contact
  • Building a solid pipeline
  • Securing the commitment (the close or opening relationships)

Implementation- beginning your new adventure

  • Identifying the three implementation stages
  • Using testimonials for an unsure customer
  • Constructing a service plan using the customers’ priorities

Cultivation – Building your long term relationship

  • Addressing ‘Retrospective Initiatives’ by speaking to recent performance objectives
  • Defining ‘Prospective Initiatives’ by identifying your customer’s preferences and priorities
  • Asking for referrals from a peer
  • Asking for a testimonial (at the appropriate time)

Note: These tools serve as a great beginning in building a solid foundation; we have additional topics that are available.