General Workshop: Becoming First Among Equals

Becoming First Among Equals
Principles for Furthering Success

Session 1: Selling – A New Craft  

  • Recent changes
  • How is this impacting decisions
  • What has worked so far

Session 2: Decision Maker Profile

  • Who are the decision makers
  • What do they want
  • What are their goals and needs
  • What type of buying experience are they seeking
  • What challenges are they experiencing

Session 3: Territory Profile 1 (small groups)

  • Thinking differently about your customers
  • Who are your ‘maintain’ customers
  • Who are your ‘grow’ customers, where can you reduce the ‘white space’ and increase penetration
  • How can you get to know your customer better

Session 4: Territory Profile 2 (large group)

  • Interactive feedback

Session 5: Value Propositions

  • Using the ‘why’ and ‘how’ model
  • Small groups: creating your compelling value proposition

Session 6: Engaging via Phone and Email

  • Discuss important building blocks of each
  • Small group: Create an effective message using your value proposition
  • Large group: Review samples
  • Discuss going beyond the first message and how to remain fresh and relevant

Session 7: Connecting Face to Face

  • Creating a meaningful conversation to increase penetration and market share
  • Use simple questions to create simple solutions
  • Build upon the customer experience

Session 8: Acquiring New Business Strategy

  • Who are your targets and how do they match your offering
  • What is it that you do better than anyone else
  • Outlining a prospect nurturing strategy
  • Researching key events or changes that create opportunities
  • Developing a full and healthy pipeline
  • Creating valuable information to help make the choice to choose you